Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Bali: Is Bali safe?

A: One the safest and most visited destinations in Asia for tourists. Over 5 million visitors a year.

Q: Bali: Is it possible to come before the trip starts or stay after it ends?

A: Yes this is possible and recommended. Allows you more time to enjoy Bali and participate in other activities on the island such as scuba, island hopping, hiking or just relaxing on the beaches

Q. Bali: What currencies can I use in Bali

A: All major currencies are accepted and there are many money changers in the Kuta, Legian area to allow you to change in Indonesia Rupiah. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and there are ATM;s for withdrawing cash

Q. Tour: What is the maximum number of people allowed per tour?

A: 10 people is the maximum number allowed. This is to allow us to arrange accommodation in the remote areas we will be exploring as well to allow enough time to enjoy the routes and attractions

Q. Tour: What is the minimum number required for the tour? 

A: we require minimum of 8 people to run our tour

Q. Tour: Where does tour start and end?

A: We start from Legian area of Denpasar and the tour ends back in Legian

Q. Is riding motorcycles safe in Bali?

A. With motorcycle riding anywhere, there are risks. Responsible riding and adhering to the rules & regulations will minimize this risk. Balinese people grow up riding motorcycles and when they are in cars, they are aware of motorcycles.

Q. Motorcycle: What motorcycles will be ride

A: We include KLX150 motorcycles to each participant. Those wanting to upgrade to KLX250 can do so however we dont suggest bigger as there is a 2 day off road section and larger capacity bikes will not be able to participate

Q. Motorcycle: What riding gear should I bring?

A: We provide a helmet with each bike however if you prefer to use your own, you can bring it with. Rest of riding gear such as boots, gloves, pants and shirt needs to be brought by participants. These can be purchased in Bali as well

Q. Motorcycle: Do we carry our luggage on the motorcycle?

A: No. A support vehicle will follow and will carry all our luggage leaving us free to enjoy the scenery and ride

Q. Motorcycle: What license do I need?

A. All participants must be in possession of an International License for motorcycles